About Us

The MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY- BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY, Varanasi was founded on January 04, 1985 to promote research activities in mathematics and its related areas. Since then, it has been organizing the National Conference each year uninterruptedly. So far the Society has organized twenty nine (29) National Conferences successfully at various places. Further, the Society also publishes a journal named as “Proceedings of The Mathematical Society” and gives two awards for best paper presentations to young researchers.

The last few National Conferences organized by the Society are as follow:

  • 31th Annual National Conference of MS-BHU on “Recent Trends in Mathematical Modeling and Applications” during February 03-04, 2014 at Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.
  • 30th Annual National Conference of the Mathematical Society - Banaras Hindu University was organized by the Department of Applied Mathematics, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Patna Campus, Patna during December 03-04, 2012 on “Recent Trends in Mathematical Analysis and Modeling”.
  • 29th Annual National Conference on “Mathematical and Statistical Techniques and their Applications to Science and Engineering” during November 26-27, 2011, organized by Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics, School for Physical Sciences, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow-226025.
  • 28th Annual National Conference was organized by the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005 on the topic “Recent Trends in Analysis and Modeling” during November 28-29, 2010.
  • Silver Jubilee Conference of the Society was organized on the topic “Mathematical Modeling of Real Life Problems” during December 22-24, 2009 by Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005.

Some of the Past/Present Office Bearers of the Society

S. No President Secretary Treasurer Editor
1. Prof. K. Lal (04.01.1985-30.04.1998) Dr. R.S. Pathak (04.01.1985-31.12.1997) Dr. S.N. Singh (04.01.1985-13.08.1985) Prof. S.R. Roy (04.01.1985-13.08.1985)
2. Prof. S.N. Lal (01.05.1998-30.06.2003) Dr. A.K. Singh (01.05.1998-29.08.2005) Dr. A.K. Srivastava (14.08.1985-19.09.1986) Prof. S.N. Lal (14.08.1985-19.12.1986)
3. Prof. R.S. Pathak (01.07.2003-07.08.2008) Prof. S.D. Singh (30.08.2005-31.12.2009) Dr. Ram Babu Mishra (20.09.1986-30.10.1988) Dr. R.N. Mukherjee (20.12.1986-13.12.1991)
4. Prof. T. Singh (08.08.2008-31.12.2009) Dr. B.S. Bhadauria (01.01.2010- till date) Dr. A.K. Srivastava (31.10.1988-31.12.1997) Prof. Y.N. Parshad (14.12.1991-30.04.1998)
5. Prof. A.K. Singh (01.01.2010 -till date) - Prof. Sri Ram (01.01.1998-30.04.1998) Prof. Sri Ram (01.05.1998-24.01.2006)
6. - - Dr. I.K. Khanna ( 01.05.1998-29.08.2005) Dr. A.K. Singh (24.01.2006-31.12.2009)
7. - - Prof. Naveen Kumar (30.08.2005- till date) Prof. O.P. Misra (01.01.2010-31.12.2011)
8. - - - Dr. A.K. Mishra (01.01.2012-till date)